Transportation Is Vital to Everyone.

Without an adequate transportation system, millions of workers fail to arrive at work on time, which costs our businesses billions each year.  Thus, it is no surprise that businesses and citizens have been choosing to leave New York City in the last two years.

We must fix the MTA, because our unreliable trains and buses have a disproportionate impact on the residents of Queens, who often travel long distances to work.  Our City can do better with traffic signals and repairing roads promptly.  More express buses can be instituted so that commuters can get to their places of work promptly and spend more time with their families when they are not at work.

Dao has worked as a Manager and Director in a variety of businesses.  As a long-time resident of Bayside, he has worked on many community issues in Queens.  He has supported a variety of projects that have helped thousands of residents achieve a better quality of life.  Now, Dao wants to help more than a million Queens residents finally achieve the American Dream and keep it.

Dao supports the proposed monorail to LaGuardia Airport.  Not only is it a job creator, but also, he believes that Queens should be known as a center of excellence for residents, tourists, and business travelers.  He will work with community leaders, advocates, and residents to improve our airports and hotels in a way that improves the lives of our citizens and attracts well-paying jobs to Queens from around the world.