We Must Support Small Businesses, the Lifeblood of Queens.

The reason that people from around the world wish to visit Queens, and live and work here, is because of our small businesses.  Our innovative small businesses are the lifeblood of Queens.

Out-of-state and S&P 500 corporations should not be allowed to push out mom and pop stores. Landlords holding stores vacant for more than three months will be severely fined unless they can demonstrate just cause for doing so and show that they are not holding out to enlist rich corporate entities for paying higher rent than small businesses can afford.

Unfortunately, it is often too complicated and expensive for entrepreneurs to do business in this City.  We must reduce fees and regulations on small businesses.  Furthermore, penalties should be on a sliding scale since penalties are supposed to protect the public by halting dangerous business practices.  Having the same fine for a small business and a large corporation hurts the small business but does nothing to curb the misbehavior of the larger corporation.

Finally, small businesses employ an overwhelming proportion of our immigrants, who are under increasing attack.  Without the hard work of our immigrants, this City would cease to be the amazing place that it is today.  Small businesses and our immigrants are the lifeblood of Queens.  Dao is dedicated to preserving small businesses and protecting immigrants, and will encourage more innovative small businesses to call Queens their home.