Working Families Are Our Greatest Asset.

The cost of living in Queens is burdensome to many of our residents.  We must never forget that our residents are our greatest asset and we should do everything we can to support our working families.

Our families strive to be good citizens and are charitable when possible, so we need to support their strong efforts by demanding a solid education for their children.  Our families also require adequate health care, police protection, and true affordable housing.  Dao Yin believes that the American dream can be achieved by all, if we work together and set politics aside to accomplish that goal.

Dao believes that life can be balanced to satisfy everyone’s needs.  Working with residents to make things as balanced as possible is one of his top priorities.  Making sure working families can make ends meet is important to everyone, if we are to continue to live a productive life.

We have dozens of colleges and universities in this City.  Unfortunately, our children now are saddled with debt and a stunning lack of job opportunities.  Rather than be relegated to their respective ivory towers, our colleges and universities should focus on helping working families to secure an adequate education so as to ensure a better future for their children.  Unions, trade associations, corporations, and chambers of commerce can also be involved to establish apprenticeship programs to help guide working families that want to succeed.

Homelessness is rampant in Queens and many issues of harassment and crime are routinely reported.  Quality of life issues should take precedence and residents should not be forced to accommodate homeless people living on our streets and corners.  We must give the homeless the help that they need, rather than continuing to stand idly by while these citizens are suffering.