Dao Yin Campaign Comments on Upcoming Democratic Primary and
Court Decision Upholding Gov. Cuomo’s Cancellation of Special Election

NEW YORK, NY, May 18, 2020.  –  Today, a court upheld Governor Cuomo’s decision to cancel a Special Election for Queens Borough President, which would have given all of the voters of Queens an elected leader for the remainder of the calendar year, as required by the New York City Charter.

“We are disappointed by the Court’s decision, which rests on a related lawsuit filed by another candidate and does not address the particular facts of Dao Yin’s case,” said Aaron Foldenauer, the attorney representing Dao Yin.  “Unfortunately, the decision will be used as supporting precedent if any other politician, including Donald Trump, ever seeks to cancel an election on account of an alleged emergency.”

Dao Yin is still on the ballot in the Democratic Primary for Queens Borough President on June 23.

“Although we are disappointed with the Court’s decision in connection with the Special Election, I look forward to taking my case to the voters of Queens in the Democratic Primary on June 23,” said Dao Yin, the first-ever Asian-American candidate for Queens Borough President.

The Court’s decision was rendered in connection with two related cases challenging an Executive Order issued by Gov. Cuomo that cancelled the Special Election for Queens Borough President.  The first lawsuit was brought by Jim Quinn, who had a particular interest in seeking relief because he was not a candidate in the other related election, the Democratic Primary. Mr. Yin’s suit was filed shortly after Mr. Quinn’s lawsuit was filed.

The Court’s decision does not address the facts of Mr. Yin’s case, but rather, appears to rely on Mr. Quinn’s alleged delay in bringing suit, given that Mr. Quinn filed his lawsuit several weeks after Governor Cuomo issued his Executive Order.  “Granting [Quinn] relief in light of his own delay results in hardship . . . and is well outside the expeditious measures set forth in the Election Law,” the Court wrote.

“We sought to assist Jim Quinn in his attempt to get back on the ballot in the Special Election, and given that he has sacrificed so much to run for office, it is unfortunate that he is now out of the race,” said Dao Yin.

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Born and raised in China, Dao Yin is a first-generation immigrant to the United States. Dao Yin has been a Community Activist in Queens for nearly two decades.  His experience in the fields of finance, technology, and accounting makes him uniquely qualified to become the next Queens Borough President.

More information about Dao Yin and his policies can be found at http://www.daoyin.nyc/.

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