Queens Has Become the Epicenter of the Coronavirus Outbreak.

Dao Yin has been saddened by the extent of the COVID-19 outbreak in Queens, which has been the hardest-hit borough in all of New York City.  In the first weeks of the coronavirus outbreak, Central Queens alone, which is full of immigrants from around the world, recorded more than 7,000 cases of COVID-19.

The so-called “experts” have talked about social distancing, which is a sound measure.  However, social distancing is often impractical for many residents of Queens.  Restaurant workers, janitors, day laborers, construction workers, grocery store employees, truck drivers, and police officers do not have the luxury of working from home.

Queens is full of working-class neighborhoods that are underserved by hospitals and have a lack of fresh, healthy food, thus leaving our residents with preexisting medical conditions that make them particularly vulnerable.  In addition, many of our residents live in apartments packed with multiple family members and roommates, thus allowing for quick transmission of this dangerous disease.

As the Elmhurst Hospital Center and other hospitals around the borough have become overwhelmed and the focus of the national news media, it is increasingly clear that our political class failed us in allowing many of our local hospitals to close in recent years.  The discrimination that we have seen against Asian-Americans following the coronavirus outbreak is also troubling.

Dao will fight for the resources that all residents of Queens need during these difficult times. Not only do we need medical resources and well-paying jobs, but also, we need to educate our citizens on how to be safe, healthy, and be prepared for the next health crisis that will arrive in the years ahead.

Our campaign has been working to help local businesses and Queens residents get the help they need during this unprecedented crisis.  Dao recognizes the vitality of small businesses to the health of our borough and has compiled a list of resources currently available to help you recover from the economic backlash of the pandemic.  Please find attached the campaign’s list of COVID-19 Business Assistance and Relief Programs