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Chinese-American Businessman and Queens Community Leader Fighting for Better Jobs, Affordable Housing, Efficient Transportation, and our Families

About Dao

Born and raised in China, Dao Yin is a first-generation immigrant to the United States. Dao Yin has been a Community Activist in Queens for nearly two decades. As a community leader, he has worked tirelessly to set up local and online-based businesses and bring jobs to his friends and neighbors in Queens. During his time working for businesses around the globe, Dao has partnered with corporations and small businesses alike to advance the workforce by creating and implementing retraining opportunities and apprenticeships. His experience in the fields of finance, technology, and accounting makes him uniquely qualified to become the next Queens Borough President.



Dao Yin is saddened by the extent of the COVID-19 outbreak in Queens, which has been the hardest-hit borough in all of New York City. The discrimination that we have seen against Asian-Americans following the coronavirus outbreak is also troubling. Dao will fight for the resources that all residents of Queens need during these difficult times.

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Jobs for the Future

Dao Yin is determined to work on bringing new jobs to Queens. Retraining programs will help prepare our citizens for jobs of the future. Rather than relying on multi-national corporations, the City should procure services and goods from the borough’s thousands of small businesses, thus allowing those small businesses to grow and create new jobs.

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The costs of raising a family, from childcare to college tuition, are far too high. We must not stand idly by while our hard-working families and those who have medical conditions are suffering. Our residents are our greatest asset and we should do everything we can to support our working families.

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Affordable Housing

Living in Queens has become far too expensive. Even housing designated as “affordable” is out of reach from most of us. Given recent population growth, we are facing a huge crisis. Dao will work to build housing that allows developers to make a decent profit while keeping the rents at reasonable levels.

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One top priority is to fix the MTA, because our unreliable trains and buses have a disproportionate impact on the residents of Queens, who often travel long distances to work. Without an adequate transportation system, millions of workers fail to arrive at work on time, which costs our businesses millions each year.

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We must innovate to improve our public schools. Charter schools must be given the additional resources and classroom space that they need. Dao is also committed to preserving the SHSAT, given that our specialized high schools in New York City are one area of strength in our otherwise-dysfunctional school system.

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Small Businesses

Our innovative small businesses are the lifeblood of Queens and they employ an overwhelming proportion of our immigrants, who are under increasing attack. Dao is dedicated to preserving small businesses and protecting immigrants, and he will encourage more innovative small businesses to call Queens their home.

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Voting Info

The Democratic Primary for Queens Borough President will be held on Tuesday, June 23.  Polling places are open from 6:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. We appreciate your coming out to vote for Dao Yin as he seeks to become the next Queens Borough President!  You may find your polling place here: https://nyc.pollsitelocator.com/eng/search

Given the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak, every voter is eligible to vote by mail via absentee ballot.  You may request an absentee ballot by filling out an online form with the New York City Board of Elections. When completing the form, in view of the ongoing public health emergency, indicate that the reason for requesting the absentee ballot is a “temporary illness or physical disability.”

Once you receive your ballot, we encourage you to cast your vote for Dao Yin! Once you have voted, send your ballot back to the Board of Elections in the envelope provided with the appropriate postage.

If you would like assistance with voting or obtaining an absentee ballot, please contact our office at (718) 313-7140.
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